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Municipality of Antonovo develops women’s movement

At a meeting of the Municipal Council of Antonovo, held on August 27th, 2015, Chairman of the Council, Mr Hajredin Mehmedov introduced a draft of a Programme for the development of women's movement. Following a debate on the topic of gender mainstreaming, municipal councilors from four political parties unanimously adopted it.

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Nadejda Dermendjieva: Change is happening

Where in our society are hiding the most serious problems regarding equality?

The problems that are the most serious are the ones related to stereotypes and gender roles, i.e. how women and men should act. It’s truly absurd, but even nowadays there are people that believe that a woman should be a housewife and if she isn’t a mother then she hasn’t achieved the purpose of her life; that for the man it is shameful to be emotional; that women are not good in mathematics and men in literature, etc.

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Investing in women benefits the whole society

The investment in women is an investment in the whole society and is a path towards economic prosperity is what the data, presented in the Bulgarian Fund for Women discussion “Why (we) invest in women?”, recently shows. The event took place on 2nd of July 2015 in the Home of Europe, where special speakers were the Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of labour and social policy Jasmina Mircheva, the Chargé d'affaires at Norwegian embassy in Bulgaria Geir Sjøberg, the Chairwoman of the Council of Women in Business and CEO of Siemens Bulgaria Boryana Manolova, the Director of the Institute for Study of the Societies and Knowledge of Bulgarian Academy of Science prof. Rumyana Stoilova and the Executive Director of Bulgarian Fund for Women Nadejda Dermendjieva.

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